Since the bay is submerged , it is 8000 years , sediments accumulate naturally around the Mont -Saint- Michel .

These fine sands, " tangues " brought by the flood are not all taken up by the ebb . Nearly 3 % of the sediment accumulates in areas beyond the reach of rivers, rising in places strikes over a meter time of a single summer .The spaces tide bathe more than in white water are colonized by grassy , rising from 25 to 30 hectares each year, thus giving the bay a more rural and maritime character.

Digging out the bay, that is to say remove sediments are deposited, is beyond our reach. But it is possible to restore and maintain around Mont-Saint-Michel an area of sand naturally maintained by the rivers, and criches sleeks and stop the invasion of grassy threatening to encircle the rock.


Map: Mission Mont Saint-Michel/Anne Chappuis

In 2012 the project reached an important milestone with the first opening of the new car park Barracks, three kilometers south of Mont Saint Michel and the establishment of shuttles.

Two types of shuttles will be used, large buses can accommodate fifty passengers who will travel most of the time. To cope with the demand of visitors wanting to rendrent Mont late at night, mini-bus will run at times of low afflluence. The shuttles are free, the price is included in the payment of parking (12 euros in June 2013). It is still possible to walk to the Mont Saint-Michel, by taking the road dike or future bridge deck should be open to the public in 2014.


SHUTTLE BUS Mont Saint-Michel




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