The history of Mont Saint -Michel starts with a legend, itself closely linked to that of Monte Gargano in Apulia (Italy):

At the beginning of the eighth century, in 708 , Aubert , Bishop of Avranches, after an apparition of the Archangel Michael, was ordered to build a building in which are leased the merits of the archangel. The poor bishop , believing follir * dares do anything and decided to wait .

A second time the angel appeared to him , and Aubert always doubt. But the third apparition of the Archangel more there is no doubt in the mind of the bishop, as Saint -Michel , furious at not being listened leaves Aubert proof of his power in the skull of the Bishop appears a circular hole . But the bishop should not suffer too much , because he will not die until many years later. Today Aubert skull is preserved in the Basilica of Avranches . This story is true or false? Nobody can prove that will tip the balance one way or the other . Anyway , some of these visions were not put on the account of madness bishop , undertook the work ordered by the archangel . He built a small oratory shaped cave can contain a hundred people. Nothing remains of this building except a visible wall in one of the rooms of the abbey (Our Lady underground ) . In 709, construction of a small church by Aubert.

For two centuries the canons welcome the pilgrims , but over time, they will abandon their mission. Tired of this thing, the Duke of Normandy , Richard 1 decides to replace the canons by Benedictine monks from the Abbey of Saint- Wandrille . This happens in 966. That year is taken as the foundation of the abbey. The Benedictines are great builders . They build a church and a few buildings. Pilgrims flock , more numerous, and the fame of the Mont Saint- Michel soon be known throughout the kingdom . In fog , many pilgrims are lost to strikes and drowned . In addition, lises , a kind of quicksand , bury the unwary who venture into the bay without using a guide. Mount is then called Mont Saint -Michel Préril the Sea

At the foot of the abbey, a small town built . The houses , mostly of wood, used to accommodate the pilgrims. From the beginning of the millennium, the hotel business is therefore to Mont Saint -Michel . At the top of the rock, the monks , meanwhile , do not waste their time , thanks to many donations , they built a large church and several outbuildings : a refectory ( where the monks take their meals ) , a dormitory (place where they sleep ) , a work room , a promenade ( instead of relaxing ) chaplaincy ( where the poor are received and receive alms which often consists of a light meal ) . When the Duke of Normandy, William the Conqueror decides to invade England, he asks for his help to the abbot of Mont . It is four armed boats. After the victory of Hastings, William in gratitude will donate several territories in the English abbey. In a century , the abbey was greatly enriched and enlarged. But at the beginning of the twelfth century, the evil will succeed . In 1103, the north side of the nave of the church collapsed. Ten years later, a fire broke out in a house in the city. The fire spread from house to house and eventually reach the abbey. Less than twenty years after the disaster, a new fire ignites again the abbey. This time is was too much for the monks , which relax and do more seriously their office .

Yet a man is able to restore itself to its former splendor Abbey : Robert Thorigny , elected abbot in 1154 . Diplomat , he managed to reconcile the King of France with the Duke of Normandy. Scholar , he acquired a large number of books ( books at this time are very valuable ) and wrote some . Builder, he built several buildings, including a larger chaplaincy to accommodate more pilgrims. At his death , Father Robert Thorigny leaves a richer, more powerful abbey , and completely revitalized the spiritual level. From the beginning of the thirteenth century, the Duke of Normandy and King of France entered the war . The Britons , allies for the occasion the king of France , Ride an army and march to Mount they ignite . In 1204 Normandy is attached to the kingdom of France .

The King of France , Philip Augustus, to compensate the monastery of injury caused by the Britons , allocates a large sum of money to the abbey. This money is immediately invested in the construction of the Wonder . The construction of this building, on a plot as unfavorable ( the land is sloping ) , is a real tour de force . In 1228 , the cloister, the top of the building is completed . Very few events will mark the rest of the thirteenth century, the successive abbots , all make their mark in the construction of Mont: to replace the old wooden fence , towers and ramparts are built, the home abbey are also built during this period. The early fourteenth century began the so called Hundred Years War . Abbey loses all of its revenues from its priories English . In 1356 , the English seized Tombelaine and are targeting the Mont Saint -Michel . Knight Du Guesclin was appointed chief of the garrison of Mt. At the head of his troops, he won one victory away and for several years the English threat. Pierre Roy was elected abbot in 1386 , aware of the danger posed by the English, he decided to build new defenses to the entrance to the abbey. Perrine tower, the Corbins and more particularly of the Châtelet give the entrance of the monastery an impenetrable defense. The English, after a period of respite, show the offensive and , after the defeat of the King of France at Agincourt , nothing seems to stop them . Robert Jolivet the new abbot , organizes, with many taxes , building walls to protect the city itself becomes a protection for the abbey.

A man providing he built a tank for supplying freshwater monks, soldiers and inhabitants of Mt. When Rouen, capital of Normandy , fell to the English , the whole region except the Mont Saint -Michel , is occupied by the English. Faced with so much power , Father Robert Jolivet abandons his monastery and offers his services to the King of England. In 1424 , the English besieged Mount , but with the abbot is useless. It was so well designed defensive system of the city that nothing reaches the shake.

The Mons (the name given to the inhabitants of Mont ) reach even by some lightning attacks , deter the English. In 1425 , after suffering a crushing defeat the other , the British retreated .

After this victory, despite the threats still facing the region , pilgrims flock to Mount to pay tribute to the ultimate defender of the realm : the Archangel Michael . In 1433 , a fire destroyed part of the city , British, wanting to take advantage of this opportunity to gather their armies and prepare the attack. In 1434 , the British flock to the Mont Saint -Michel , a bloody battle ensues . The British managed to make a dent in the wall and into the city, already claiming victory . Fortunately , the captain of Mont reorganized his troops and attack so powerfully against the English fled , leaving two bomb . The victory of the troops Montoises gives confidence to French armies , throughout the territory , the British retreated. The Battle of Formigny in 1450 finally bring peace to Normandy .


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