Abbey Church

Romanesque nave of the abbey church

Romanesque nave of the abbey church

The abbey church is characterized by two architectural styles. On the one hand, the nave and the transept, dating from Roman times, on the other hand the choir and chapels high during the Gothic period. The nave, built in part on the Carolingian abbey church dates from the 11th century. It will be reduced by three bays in the 18th century. See the dates of construction of the abbey of Mont Saint Michel.

The choir, true masterpiece of Gothic art, was brought following the collapse of the Romanesque choir in 1421. The construction work will last a century and will be completed in 1521. The keystones are beautifully armoiriées (see below).

Gothic choir of the abbey church

Gothic choir of the abbey church.

See the abbey in 1896

The arms of the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel

The arms of the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel are: Sable ten silver shells 4, 3, 2 and 1; sewn to the head Azure, three gold fleurs-de-lis.

See photo of the coat of arms of the abbey located in the abbey church.

See the arms of the town of Mont-Saint-Michel.

Synonyms of Arms: badge, weapons.

The keystones of the abbey church show the arms of the Kings of France (top left), the arms of the abbey of Mont Saint Michel (bottom left) and the arms of Jean Le Huntsman, abbot of Mont from 1524 to 1539 (above).

View Gothic monastery of the Abbey and the Romanesque monastery of the Abbey

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