Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel ! Mont Saint-Michel ?

Who does not know the name of this small town on the border of Normandy (not in Britain)?

This rocky island, exposed to winds coming from the ocean. This dungeon overlooking five miles around, resisting the ravages of time. This rock, guardian, by the grace of the archangel.

Who does not know the Mont Saint-Michel?

However, the surprise remains intact whenever his silhouette in the distance, set amid the sands like a jewel in its case being rediscovered. Citadel Abbey prison, discover the secrets of this unique village in the world.

Let us surprise you and follow me for an unforgettable visit to Mont Saint-Michel.

Quick Overview : The Mont Saint -Michel is a commune of France, located in the southwestern department of Manche and the Lower Normandy region. It owes its name to the rocky island dedicated to St. Michael where stands the abbey of Mont Saint -Michel . The architecture of the Mont and its bay are the third most visited tourist site in France (behind the Eiffel Tower and Versailles ) with more than three million visitors each year are welcomed intro -muros in many restaurants and hotels, but also extramural edge of the bay in a dedicated tourism area which offers a magnificent view of Mt. The whole site ( Mont Saint -Michel and its bay ) is since 1979 the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

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